How Is Ecological Balance Maintained?


Ecological balance is maintained by attempting to control pollution. Also, protecting the water helps making sure certain items are not placed in the water which can make it contaminated Also, recycling helps to keep ecological balance maintained as well.
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ecological balance is maintained in a biotic community through afforestation and planting of many trees.
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Biodiverse ecologies, with a stable balance in the numbers of species, have the greatest chance of responding and balancing when the environment changes. The greatest biodiversity
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Ecological balance refers to the balance in the environment and all the organisms living in it. Ecological balance if very important for continued existence and ...
The ecological importance of Protists are that they help keep the numbers of bacteria in balance with other organisms. As they feed on dead organisms, they help ...
Static balance is the body's ability to maintain balance while still. Generally, balance is determined when the body is in unison with gravitational pull. Static ...
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