How Is Freezing Rain Formed?


When freezing rain forms, its due to a mixture of warm air and cold air combining. This causes the rain to fall and freeze at the same time. Freezing rain is so dangerous that is can turn roads into slick ice. You can find more information here: http://www. weatherquestions. com/What_causes_freezing_rain. htm
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Freezing rain is caused when you have a warm mass of air in the middle altitudes between the ground and the cloud deck, followed by a mass of freezing air near the surface. When the
1. Evaluate whether or not removal is necessary. If the ice is not causing an immediate weight or water problem, attempting removal may cause more damage than leaving it to melt on
When air that's above freezing and humid flows over air that's below freezing, ordinary rain falling from clouds in the warm air cool on the way down. The drops can cool below 32
SEATTLE - Although not that common in Western Washington, freezing rain is one of the most dangerous types of winter-time weather around, as it can turn road and sidewalks into a
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