How Is Fungi Harmful to Humans?


Many types of fungi are harmful for humans. For example, the mold on bread is harmful to human health. But some kinds of fungi like mushrooms are fit for consumption.
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Fungi can can cause human disease, either directly or through their toxins. They can
They cause athlete's foot, ringworm and bronchial problems. Eating poisonous mushrooms can kill you.
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Fungi are harmful when the fungi: 1. spoil food 2. cause diseases in crops, other plants, and animals 3. decay the wood in structures such as sheds, houses, landscape fixtures like
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First of not all fungi are harmful some are actually good and can even be eaten, for example mushrooms. However, some ways that fungi may be harmful to humans are that they can cause disease, can affect crops that humans need to sustain themselves, they can ruin food and other products important to humans.
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