How Is Genetic Engineering Done?


There are three major steps when it comes to genetic engineering. First you have to clone the gene. Second, you have to choose which one fits the exact specs you need. Lastly, you have to transfer the gene into the specimen. You can find more information here:
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Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering involves altering the genetic structure of embryonic cells or vectors to provide them with desired traits or to eliminate undesirable traits. More »
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Genetic engineering is a method of re-writing the DNA code in a molecule, placing it inside of a cell, and allowing the DNA to duplicate and morph. It includes 3 stages - cloning,
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Genetic testing uses a sample of DNA-containing material like blood, saliva and amniotic fluid to search for variations in chromosomes (where genes are stored) genes and proteins
It is done at several places around the US. It is somewhat controversial, with some
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A genetically engineered product is a product that is derived from genetically modified organisms. This is done by cutting and splicing and then transferring the ...
Genetic engineering is the altering of the DNA of one product by adding other DNA to that same product. Genetic engineering recently involved the growth hormone ...
Genetic engineering is direct human manipulation of organism's genome using the current DNA technology. It includes introduction of foreign synthetic genes or ...
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