How Is Geometry Used in Everyday Life?


Geometry has many practical uses in every day life. One great example is when measuring the width and length of a room, multiply to figure square footage to buy the correct amount of new carpet. You can find more information here:
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How is geometry used in everyday life? When you're studying the subject, the science of lines and angles can seem like nothing more than a dull exercise in formulas and predictability
1. Area problems are one of the most common uses of geometry in our everyday lives. Let's say you need to install new carpet in your bedroom. How much carpet will you need to buy?
Geometry is used in a ton of things. Movie props and pilot stuff.
Geometry was used to build you home, the angles and lines that make the walls sturdy
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How to Use Geometry in Everyday Life
The practical applications of geometry are abundant. Next time your child is complaining about his homework and asks, "When am I ever gonna use this anyway?" you can point to this article.... More »
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