How Is Gold Extracted from Ores?


Gold is extracted by first getting the gold ore from the mines. Then separating the impurities from the real gold and this is usually done using cyanide. The gold ore is placed into a tank that contains a weak cyanide solution, zinc is added and a chemical reaction which separates the gold from the ore. Pure gold is removed from the solution with a filter press.
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1. Crush and mill the gold ore to dust like particles. Ore is put into the crusher, which breaks it up. Water is added during the process which, when mixed to the ore particles, creates
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How Is Gold Extracted From Gold Ore?
Gold is usually found alone or alloyed with mercury or silver, but can also be found in ores such as calaverite, sylvanite, nagyagite, petzite and krennerite. Most gold ore now comes from either open pit or underground mines. The ores sometimes... More »
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Gold is extracted from ores through the use of cyanide. Ore is put into a tank containing a weak cyanide solution and zinc is added and the chemical reaction separates the gold from the ore. Another method of extraction is the carbon-in-pulp method whereby the ore is mixed with water before cyanide is added. Carbon is then added to bond with the gold and the carbon-gold particles are put into a caustic carbon solution, separating out the gold.
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