How Is Height Inherited?


Height is inherited from both the mother and the father. The child's height is determined by a combination of both the mother's and the father's height. The height of both parents are added to help estimate the height of the child. Once the height is added, it is then divided by two. For a male child a few inches is added and for a female child a few inches are subtracted. This gives a close guess as to what the child's height will be.
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Height is a 'polygenic' trait; that is, many genes contribute towards making us taller
We get genes from not just our parents but their parents and other relatives. It would seem you get your height from your father's side of the family, but if your mother's father
As far as I know you cannot "reset" the inherited values, you have to explicitly re-define the height attribute for example with height: auto;.
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Inherited is any quality or characteristic that you get from your parents like height, eye color and hair type. There are some diseases also that can be inherited ...
Polygenic inheritance is hereditary where traits are determined by gene which is more than one. Height, weight, skin colour are human examples of polygenic inheritance ...
There are several genes that we inherit from our parents and they include height, pigmentation, hair and eye colour. Genes are sections or segments of DNA that ...
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