How is ICT used in schools?


Integrated co-teaching, or ICT, is the use of a full-time general education teacher and a full-time special education teacher in an inclusive classroom containing both general education and special education students. The teachers work together to teach the integrated students.

The New York City Department of Education uses both full-time and part-time ICT instruction for many students. Students with special needs also receive necessary related services and therapies both inside and outside the classroom. Assistive technologies and aides are provided to help special education students fit into the integrated environment. Both the general education teacher and the special education teacher work together to teach all of the students. Plans are made cooperatively to meet the needs of each individual student in the least restrictive manner. This model is used heavily in the American education system.

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Ict is used in schools for keeping records, reward, attendance, know in your at school, ill or on holiday. Also it's used in lessons!
1. Determine areas of the subject where ICT is applicable. Seek out software, websites and other ICT gadgets that are appropriate to your students' level of skills. Also conduct in-depth
1. The person you are helping will need an assessment by a group of professionals such as: physiotherapists. occupational therapist. speech and language therapists. sen and ict adviser
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