How Does Inhaled and Exhaled Air Differ?


Exhaled air is different from the inhaled air as the exhaled air has a higher percentage of carbon dioxide and lower percentage of oxygen as compared to inhaled air. In addition, the humidity of the exhaled air is 100 times more than the inhaled air.
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When you inhale you breath Oxygen, and a variation of other gases, but when you exhale, you breath out carbon dioxide.
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how is air inhaled and exhaled: Step 1Take slow, deep breaths. The total amount of air that the lungs can
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Inhaled air is different from exhaled in a number of ways. Inhaled air normally contains more oxygen that is used to create energy while exhaled air contains more carbon dioxide that is produced as a waste product of energy production. In inhaled air, there is less carbon dioxide while exhaled air contains less oxygen as it has been used in respiration.
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