How is IQ calculated?


IQ is calcuated using test results that are compiled and then compared with the results from other people in the same age group to determine the test taker's intelligence quotient. The first step in measuring a person's IQ is to administer a specially designed test.

Although the process has changed slightly, the underlying basis of the procedure used to determine IQ is first administering a test to determine a person's mental age or how much they know compared to others their same age. The mental age is then divided by that same person's chronological age and then multiplied by 100 to determine IQ.

IQ is not a measure of how well someone performs on a test. It is a number that represents the differences in intelligence levels across a large group of people.

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1. Learn what IQ means. Intelligence is the raw ability one has to learn or figure out new things, and an Intelligence Quotient puts a quantifiable number on that quality. IQ is also
IQ, or the intelligence quotient, was originally computed as the ratio of a person's mental age to his chronological age, multiplied by 100. Following this method, a child of 10 years
IQ test scores are determined based on how 'normal' people would answer the questions. They are designed so that most people will score around 100, which is the average score. To
Age compared to their chronological age multiplied by 100. A normal...
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How to Calculate IQ
We all like to think that we’re smart, but how can we prove it? Calculating your IQ can do you a lot of good. Yes, having a high IQ gives you something else to brag about. A high IQ can also impress employers who look at those kinds of diagnostic... More »
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The average intelligence quotient or IQ for a 14 year old should be about 109. The IQ is a ratio of the chronological age and the mental age and the value calculated ...
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