How Is It Used in Forensic Science?


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is used in forensic science to identify incidents, record and store the findings for future reference, to analyze the information needed to understand and describe the incident and drawing up a list of recommendations.
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Forensic science is the collection and study of evidence from crime scenes to help solve crimes. It includes such duties as DNA collection and analysis, blood splatter analysis, interview
police, detectives, doctors. the use it to determine how, even around abouts what time somebody died. i believe it is usually used in a suspicious case(ie, murder.
Forensic science uses the study of science to answer legal interest questions. Forensic science can be traced back to as early English court proceedings as 1784.
Exactly how reliable is forensic science? With all the television shows and movies that showcase forensic science as a foolproof method to uncover the hidden answers, it may be difficult
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Chemistry is used in forensic science as it has chemical analysis, physical chemistry and aspects of organic and inorganic analysis of provided materials. Those ...
Math is often used in forensic science to measure the distances between objects in a crime scene. Math might also be used to create a map or representation of ...
In Forensic Science, blood typing is an initial test which is used to exclude certain sources of blood stain. For example, in a crime scene, if a certain blood ...
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