How Is Jay Gatsby a Tragic Hero?


One reason Jay Gatsby is a tragic hero is that in spite of all his financial success he did not achieve his purpose in life. His goal was to get the girl and in the end he did not. Even worse, he died at the end of the book with only one friend who did not base Gatsby's value as a person solely on his money and lavish parties.
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Using Aristotle's criteria for the tragic hero: 1) He is a noble man in a high position in society. 2) He is like us (connects with Nick, not with his partygoers) 3) Is flawed - wishes
Gatsby was a good, honest, and respectable man. He met his downfall while trying
If he had lived, he would be celebrating his 122nd birthday this year. Embed
He walked into a knife and killed himself because he couldn't be king !
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Jay Gatsby is the tragic hero in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, "The Great Gatsby." Gatsby exhibits characteristics of the classical definition of a tragic ...
Tragic heroes have long been an element in literature. Some classic tragic heroes include Oedipus, the Phantom of the Opera, and Jay Gatsby. ...
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