How Is Leukemia Transmitted?


Leukemia is the abnormal growth of blood cells from the bone marrow also known as cancer of the blood cells. It often affects the white blood cells causing them to develop at a very rapid rate. There is no information on leukemia being transmitted from one person to another. Depending on hoe severe the condition is, it can be treated through bone marrow transplant.
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Feline leukemia is transmitted through saliva.
It can be genetic, to some extent. But generally it's just something that happens, a mutation in the DNA that causes the white blood cells to form, and divide rapidly, and uncontrolled
How is hepatitis C transmitted? The liver disease, also known as HCV, is usually transmitted through direct contact with infected blood. HCV is just one of the many diseases that
1. Are you tired? Leukemia causes fatigue because the increased production of white blood cells (WBCs) uses up more of your body's energy. 2. Have you lost weight? Are you eating
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Leukemia Risks
The causes of leukemia are not known. However, several factors have been identified which may increase your risk. These include: family history of leukemia , smoking (AML), genetic disorders such as Down syndrome , blood disorders - myelodysplastic... More »
Leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow that produces red blood cells and it is sometimes called a cancer of the blood. Leukemia is a disease that can be transmitted from one person to another because it is just like any other cancer that will increase due to cell division.
Leukemia is cancer of the blood and it is not transmitted. Cancer is the mutation and uncontrolled duplication of cells. Most leukemia is inherited and passed on through genes. You can find more information at
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