How Is Light Produced?


Light is produced by a luminous body. Accelerating electrons emit photons of light. A light bulb works on the same principles with the help of tungsten wire. You can find more information here:
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Light is created when an excited electron in an atom returns to its ground level of orbit. As the electron returns to the normal orbital level, energy in the form of a photon is released.
Light is producted when an electron slows down when moving towards the nucleus of an atom and has to shed weight which causes a sort of radition.
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Light is produced by the sun, flames, chemicals, and heat. Light is basically electromagnetic radiation, and human eyes can only see some forms of it.
1. Purchase an LED light panel or similar light source. Find a light that has a flat surface on which to affix lighting gels, and choose one that projects light in one concentrated
Sunlight is nuclear in origin, not chemical. Nuclear fusion is the primary cause of energy generation, and results when atoms are thrown together with enough force so that two sometimes
laser light is produced by solar reacting pannels that are transfered into capsules that contain magna light that turn into a small red flash of light.
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