How Is Metamorphic Rock Formed?


A metamorphic rock is formed when pre-existing rocks are subjected to elevated temperatures or pressure. The elevated temperatures or pressure causes the rock to recrystallize and to form a coarser grained rock.
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Metamorphic rock forms when another rock is put under heavy pressure along with extremely high temperatures. This process can occur simply by being deep in the earths crust, at the
a sedmentary rock, igneous rock, or a metamorphic rock can go through heat and pressure to form (another if heat and pressure is on metamorphic rock) metamorphic rock.
Metamorphic rocks were once igneous or sedimentary rocks. The rocks form under tons
Metamorphic rock is rock that has been created by the transformation of igneous rock. Igneous rocks are also called fire rocks. They are original rock made by magma that becomes trapped
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Metamorphic rocks are igneous or sedimentary rocks that have been transformed by great heat or pressure caused by movement in the Earth's crust.
Examples include schist, gneiss, and slate.
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Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone. The word 'marble' is used by geologists to refer to metamorphosed limestone. It is used for buildings ...
A metamorphic rock is the convertion or transformion of a rock type that exists which can also be called protolith in a process known as metamorphism. A metamorphic ...
Metamorphic rocks are formed through the application of pressure, heat and chemical reactions deep within the earth. Metamorphic rocks are rocks that started out ...
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