How is origami related to math?


Origami is related to math because this paper folding technique requires an understanding of algebra. If one is going to use 'Totally Real Origami and Impossible Paper Folding' by David Auckly and John Cleveland as a guide, they will have to understand the algebra in this article. Origami is also related to math because geometric shapes are used in this Japanese tradition of paper folding.
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read origami design secrets by Robert lang (especially the last chapter)
the way that I relate music to math is by creating songs for some of the mathematical equations that I have trouble remembering for the big test.
Much of cosmetology's basis is in geometry and trigonometry. Think about how a stylist cuts a head of hair: The haircut is executed at certain angles, with the stylist starting from
It's not. * * * * *. It is not if you want to remain an ignoramus. But try studying any science without mathematics. See how far you can get with geography, sociology, psychology
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