How Is Platinum Marked?


Platinum is marked in one of several ways. In most cases, the metal is marked using symbols that indicate the purity of the platinum. These can include a series of three symbols or a single symbol. The first marking on platinum is often the maker's mark and indicates the maker. The second marking would be the mark of fineness and would indicate the purity of the item. The final mark could be the assay office mark that shows that the item was tested for purity.
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Platinum in jewelry has several different markings that indicate the amount of pure platinum that is in the jewelry. You should see the letter Plat or Pt followed by numbers such as 850, 900, or 950.
Platinum is marked either 'plat' or 'pt' if the jewelry contains 850, 900 or 950 parts per thousand of pure platinum. Jewelry that at least has 950 parts per thousand pure platinum maybe marked as 'platinum'
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The most commons marks are. '850 Plat' or '850 Pt' OR. '950 Plat' or '950 Pt'
In most countries where platinum jewelry is manufactured, the pure platinum content is at least 85 percent, according to Platinum Today. Makers commonly alloy platinum with the PGM
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If the jewelry is composed of 950 parts platinum per 1,000, it will be marked as 'Plat' or 'Platinum'. If there is less platinum, the amount will be specified ...
Platinum is a rare precious metal that's used to create fine jewellery. The markings on the platinum are called hallmarks and they are used to mean that an article ...
The first thing you should do when trying to identify platinum is to look at the mark. If the piece has a mark that says PT or PLAT, then it is platinum. If there ...
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