How are Plato and Aristotle similar?


A comparison of the political philosophies of Aristotle and Plato reveals that both believed in importance of virtue. That being virtuous was the greatest good and that the purpose of life was to be virtuous. They both believed that one must understand life and oneself in order to live a good life.
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"The Stoic Epictetus famously believed that his mind was free even if his body was enslaved, and this was enough freedom for him.
Plato and Aristotle have similar beliefs about the soul being connected to the
Plato. believed the soul and body were distinct entities. . Aristotle. believed they were not distinct. A good analogy would be (I hope) Einstein's theory of Space/time. We used
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Aristotle refers to Greek philosopher and scientist. Socrates was an old Greek Athenian theorist who was accredited as one of the creators of west culture philosophy ...
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