How Is Pollution Caused?


Pollution is caused by national disasters as well as by humans.There are various types of pollution; air pollution for instance from car emissions and water pollution for instance from sewarage contamination.
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Two main reasons why pollution is caused is power plants and transportation in cities. In the home some of the reasons that causes air pollution is smokers, unclean air conditioning
Before you can understand how smoking causes pollution, you have to understand what cigarettes are made from and what is in the smoke. Cigarettes aren't just made of tobacco. They
Pollution is caused by people being lazy and not throwing away garbage,
This should give you an idea - Air Pollution Level-Delhi Pollution Control Committee. You can click on the various buttons for various kinds of pollution. However, here : Page on
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Pollution is contaminants that are introduced to the enviroment that are harmful to the ecosystem. There is air, water and land pollution. All pollution is man made. It is caused by trash, contaminates, fumes and gases that are introduced into the air, water and land. You can find more information here:
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The primary cause of nuclear pollution is the radioactive waste produced from nuclear fission. Pollution occurs when the nuclear waste is not disposed of properly ...
Pollution causes global warming, death and diseases in both plants and animals. Pollution refers to contamination which interferes with the natural balance of ...
Some causes of pollution include trash blowing away from landfills, chemicals introduced into waterways from industrial processes, smog from industry and even ...
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