How Is Science Used in Everyday Life?


In my experience science is an ingrained part of everyday life. Every time you cook, make a mixed drink, or even eat science is happening. If you administer first aid, take medications or do almost anything else, some amount of science is involved.
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How is science used in everyday life? It is all around us all of the time! The computer you're using- that's science! The air you're breathing- that's science too! The great thing about science is that it is constantly happening and there is always more to discover and learn. The things that we learn in science class in school give us a greater understanding of life and the world.
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Science is all over us whether we realize it or not. Our bodies are science. The way our ograns work and the foods we eat, how they break down in our stomachs. The weather is science
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Go to your kitchen and look around. Almost all the products seen there from the pots, to the soups and jams, and the cooking apparatus all owe their production to the work of scientists
How is geometry used in everyday life? When you're studying the subject, the science of lines and angles can seem like nothing more than a dull exercise in formulas and predictability
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Science is used in everyday life since its all around you. Most everything you see has some connection to Science. Think about the radio or stereo you listen to. ...
Science is used in everyday life, in everything we do. From the food we plant, grow and ultimately eat to the fibers used to make and wear, medication we take, ...
The importance of science in everyday life is it gives us the ability to use technology. Such as running water, removing waster and other objects where we would ...
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