How Is Shoe Polish Made?


Shoe polish is made using a mixture of natural and synthetic materials such as naphtha, turpentine, dyes, and gum. These ingredients are melted, emulsified then packaged in tin and cooled. After cooling the polish is compressed with lids and distributed for selling.
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Wax Melting Several types of wax are used when making shoe polish. This wax is placed into a large vat and melted with an electric heater. Usually the wax with the highest melting
1 Get yourself your pots of polish, open the lid to the plain black polish and fill it with water (not too fill because you have to put your finger in it), put this on a table or
I wanted to re answer this as my answer got removed i searched for the recipe and i found one i tested it and it seems to work very well here is a link
To keep it from drying out, keep it in a properly closed airtight container. When it does solidify, you can try to heat it. Several sources around the internet claim that this works
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