How Is Silver Used in Photography?


Chloride of silver is used in photography because it is light sensitive. It is used to coat the photography film, and then reacts when it is exposed to light. You can find more information here:
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1) it reacts to light (by the intermediate of a photochemical reaction AgBr is decomposed in Ag and Br) 2) unchanged it can be washed away. thus leaving a "photographic"
Silver, with certain other substances, forms compounds that are sensitive to light
The part of the negative that is sensitive to light uses silver salts to burn and trap the image. It is in compound with what ever dyes (in the case of color) and other proprietary
1. Determine the relative color temperature of the available light. Some common sources are incandescent bulbs (yellow) fluorescent lights (light green) and overcast/clouds (light
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In photography, silver bromide is used on photographic film, because it is unusually sensitive to light exposure. It was introduced as a replacement to silver ...
The elements used in photography are Bromine and Silver. Many of the chemicals used to make a photograph are dangerous and should be used and stored with care. ...
Silver is very important for photography. Almost one third of silver is used in this capacity. Silver is also used in dental work. It have numerous uses including ...
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