How is silver used in photography?


Chloride of silver is used in photography because it is light sensitive. It is used to coat the photography film, and then reacts when it is exposed to light. You can find more information here:
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The silver bromide on a photographic plate plays very important role theimpression of an object which have been catch ed by camera is made by reduction of silver ion into silver metal
1. Find and use natural light sources like streetlights, car headlights, starlight and even reflections from bodies of water. Reflections not only provide more light, but they also
1. Check your camera to be sure that it has a grid. A lot of cameras these days have that capability. Ad. 2. Do what you can to visualize a rule of thirds type of grids, if it doesn't
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In photography, silver bromide is used on photographic film, because it is unusually sensitive to light exposure. It was introduced as a replacement to silver ...
The elements used in photography are Bromine and Silver. Many of the chemicals used to make a photograph are dangerous and should be used and stored with care. ...
Silver is very important for photography. Almost one third of silver is used in this capacity. Silver is also used in dental work. It have numerous uses including ...
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