How Is Sleet Formed?


Sleet is formed when raindrops pass through very cold layers in the atmosphere which causes them to freeze. It can also be formed when snow passes through warmer layers and partially melts then quickly passes through another cold layer.
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Sleet is rain drops that turn into ice when falling and going through a colder layer of air usually near the surface.
In advance of a warm front in the wintertime, If the cold layer is very dry, sleet will form due
Sleet forms when a warm front meets an area of cold, dry air in the wintertime, sandwiching rain in between. These conditions are normally associated with extratropical cyclones,
Sleet, also known as ice pellets (IP) form when snow falls through a warm layer after leaving the cloud, melts, then passes through a significant freezing layer before reaching the
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Sleet forms when a rain drop and or a snow flake is falling and it hits a degree of temperature which is at freezing point. Freezing rain is different then sleet. Freezing rain occurs when the rain drop is exposed to a cold surface.
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