How is technology used in marketing?


If you have ever watched a commercial on the television or received and advertisement through your cell phone then you can see how technology is used in marketing.
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Technology is used for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons is being able to communicate with many different people in a short amount of time. Also being able to find things
1. Build a strong channel network by attracting vendors that have the technical capability and market coverage to serve your customers. Offer potential vendors the opportunity to
At present Each & every company want to globlized,so for it they do marketing of his product in the other country using the IT medium.IT play a vital role in the globlization
We've been pretty open about our architecture but here's a quick summary of Timetric (company); We have a time series database we've built, metadata lives in PostgreSQL but is largely
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Information technology used in marketing to promote the products. The IT knowledge of HTML and PHP can help you with website creation. This helps in promoting ...
There are several types of differentiation strategies which are used in marketing. Some of these strategies include technology differentiation, price or quality ...
Market ecology is the cumulative effect that the ecosystem of social, political, cultural, technological and environmental forces has on a corporation's strategic ...
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