How Is Technology Used in Sport?


Information technology is changing the nature of management practices in sport through different ways. For instance, in athletics, health can be maintained and observed, and injuries can be treated through the manufacture of modern sporting technologies such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and body-fat monitors.
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Technology is used in sports most commonly in the for of replays. In football (American Football) the referees can watch a replay to ensure the correct call had been made. In soccer
Instant replay rules have been set up in all the major sports, and help referees and umpires get the calls right by allowing them to use computer technology to review plays and make
1. Diagnose your sporting injury with a physical therapist or sports therapist. Find out whether you can use myofascial massage to treat your type of sporting injury and what you
1. Press the red "Power" button to turn the unit on. Press the "Enter" button once to dismiss the GPS warning message and again to begin initializing the device.
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