How Is the Best Way to Get Stuck CD out of CD Player?


On some models the best way to get a stuck CD out of a CD player is to remove the front cover. If that doesn't work then you will need to remove the panel off of the top of the CD player.
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1. Switch off the vehicle and open the hood. 2. Put on a pair of safety glasses and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Wait approximately 10 minutes. This resets
It is not possible to fix CD player at home. However you can try general troubleshooting given in manual.You might need to take it to service center.
1. Take a blank/useless CD (such as AOL free trial CD's, you can get them in a plethora of amounts in Best Buy) and place it about 1 inch deep into the slot. 2. Press the 'Eject'
1. Locate the output panel found on the rear of the JVC CD player. 2. Insert one side of the RCA audio cables into the matching "Audio OUT" ports on the CD player's rear
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When a CD is stuck in a CD player, taking apart the player may be necessary to get the CD out. Other times, inserting a thin screwdriver or butter knife into the ...
When CDs get stuck in a CD changer, there are several options one can use to try and get the CD out. One can take apart the entire CD player to remove the stuck ...
Banging on top of the dashboard while pressing the button is known to solve the problem in some cases. If the player has a small hole in the front of it, like ...
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