How Is the Discovery of Beer Linked to the Growth of the First Civilizatins?


The discovery of beer was linked to the growth of the first civilizations mainly due to the discovery of Barley and Hops, not to mention the fact it was thought of as a mood altering substance by ancient civilizations.
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Beer became socially and ritually important to hunter-gathers so in order to ensure the availability of grain, hunter-gathers switched to farming. Beer helped to make up for the decline
Beer is one of the
Brewing beer requires grain to ferment. To grow the grain, a group of people needs to settle for an extended period in one location. That was the beginning of an agricultural society
I have no knowledge of the book of which you speak, however - the ancient Egyptians, like the gangs who built and decorated the pyramids and tombs of the Pharaohs, were paid in beer
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