How is the Olympic torch rekindled?


The Olympic torch is actually rekindled in a very interesting way. Each time the torch is rekindled there is a torch lighting ceremony. A parabolic mirror is used to ignite the torch in the ceremony. Generally, a priestess or a symbolic prothiereia is given the torch to light during the special ceremony. This person will dress like a woman from ancient Greece and the ceremony takes place in Olympia, Greece. The torch is carried in a relay from Greece to Athens and then to the city in which the games are being played.
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A ceremony is performed several months before the games start. The torch is ignited by using a parabolic mirror to concentrate the rays of the sun.
It is done in a ceremony in the ancient site of Olympia - where the ancient Olympic Games were held. The torch is kindled by reflecting the sun rays in a concave mirror. A back-up
The Olympic torch is traditionally carried relay-style from Greece to the country hosting the Olympics. This tradition was starting in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
1. Light the Olympic torch using a parabolic mirror to capture the sun's rays, igniting the gas cartridge inside. 2. Light a backup torch in case the original torch goes out. This
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The Olympic torch is kindled by the Sun using a light-concentrating parabolic mirror.
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