How Is the Piano Played?


A piano is played using a keyboard. When a key on the keyboard is pressed, a felt-covered hammer strikes steel strings causing them to vibrate. The vibrations are transmitted to a sounding board to make the sound produced louder.
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1. Understand the rhythmic structure of salsa (see resources) Salsa music is typically played in 4/4 time. The A clave is usually eight even beats to a bar, played as either a 2-3
1. Assume the "B Flat Hand Position" on the piano with your right hand by placing your pointer finger on Middle C, your thumb on B Flat, your middle finger on D and your
1. Study the score at hand. The piece is in C-sharp minor. Locate the four sharps (F sharp, C sharp, G sharp and D sharp) and commit them to memory. 2. Count the beats to yourself
1. Identify how to read piano tabs first by understanding that the piano is set up in groups of seven notes-c,d,e,f,g,a,b. Each group is called an octave. The very middle key on the
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Happy Birthday is probably one of the most popular piano tunes that is being played. The chords start with G-G-A-G-C-B. The rest of the chords can be found in ...
To play Chopsticks on the piano, locate a group of black keys nearest to the middle of the keyboard. Place the left forefinger on a white key on the left of the ...
To play happy birthday on the piano start by finding G on the keyboard which is the white key found between the 1st and 2nd black key. Put a marker on the note ...
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