How Is the Platypus Currently Classified?


The duck billed platypus is classified as a mammal under the monotreme class. This animal has a combination of very weird characteristics. It produces milk, lays eggs, it has fur on its body and a bill that looks like that of a duck. It also produces poison and it has electro receptors like fish.
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Both platypuses and echidnas are classified as monotremes. The name. monotreme. is derived from two Greek words meaning "one-holed" because they have just one external opening
The platypus is a mammal because: it has hair over most of its body and has
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The duck billed platypus is not currently on the endangered species list, although climate change could endanger it in the future. The duck billed platypus has ...
The duckbill platypus is a semi aquatic mammal that lays eggs instead of giving birth to live offspring. It is classified under the order Monotremata, which is ...
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