How is the text of the Constitution organized?


The University of Iowa Libraries explains that the text of the U.S. Constitution is divided into seven individual articles, each containing multiple topics. In addition to the articles, there are 27 amendments to the Constitution that were added since its ratification.

The University of Iowa Libraries also explains that the U.S. Constitution follows a hierarchical structure: first addressing the structure of the government, next addressing various freedoms and finally addressing changes made after the ratification of the Constitution through the amendments.

The official website of the White House of the United States explains that the first three articles of the Constitution are responsible for delegating roles to each of the three separate branches of government. The legislative branch is governed by the first article, the executive branch is governed by the second and the judicial branch is governed by the third. The White House also notes that the 27 amendments include the Bill of Rights, prohibition of slavery, equal protection, voting rights and regulations on taxation and public elections. The Bill of Rights acts as the backbone of the Constitution, created due to contention between Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The Bill of Rights covers the basic human rights that the Constitution is designed to protect.

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It starts off with articles. Then it goes on to amendments and adds each time we need to add one.
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