Value of Series EE Savings Bonds?


The value of a 24 year old Series EE Savings Bond will depend on the initial value of the bond. A $25 savings bond will be worth less than a $50 savings bond.
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1. Determine the monthly rate of interest. Interest is calculated and added to the principal of a Series EE bond each month. The monthly rate of interest is equal to the annual fixed
EE bonds are paper or electronic with different
The today value of series EE savings bond with face value of $100 issued on January 1991 is $139.56.The rate now is 4.00%.
If you want to find out the value of your EE bond bought in 1992, then you need to go to the treasury website and enter some specific details about your bond such as the exact date
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If the savings bond is a Series EE you must wait at least one year for you can cash them in. If you cash the bond before it is five years old you will be charged ...
A Series EE savings bond is not a quick investment option. It takes about 20 years for the savings bond to reach it's face value. It takes about 30 years for the ...
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