How Is the Way Volcanic Mountains Form Different Then the Way Other Mountains Forms?


Volcanoes are formed from lava and ash flowing out from an opening on the Earth's crust. However, the most common way for mountains to form is by way of folding when two plates collide with one another.
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Mountains can be formed in a couple of different ways. Different kinds of mountains are formed different ways. There are four different kinds of mountains: Volcanic, erosional, fault-block
The four different kinds of mountains are, volcanic, erosional,
Volcanic mountains are formed by magma at a convergent boundary or hotspot. Mid-ocean ridges are formed by magma at divergent boundaries. Folded mountains (anticlines) are formed
Hi George, Actually, A, B, and C are the same thing; geologically speaking. When continents collide they will wrinkle up the edges where they meet ("folding"). The continental
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Mountains can be formed through four different procedures. The four methods are: volcanic eruption, erosional, folded characteristics and fault block. ...
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