How is the World Wealth Distributed?


Recent studies show that the top two percent of the richest adults own over half of the overall global wealth. The richest one percent are accounted for about forty percent of the wealth in the world.
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Because some people earn more than others.
This is a hard question to answer quantitatively, because virtual worlds are generally designed as closed systems that make it difficult to extract any kind of meaningful data. The
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There are several reasons why poverty exists. 1. Third world countries are encouraged to meet the requirements of first world countries demands for such things as cotton, tobacco
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At this point, it looks like the only thing that can be done to have a fairer distribution of wealth in the world today is to convert all it's nations' governments ...
Most societies have an uneven distribution of wealth because of different levels of productivity or entrepreneurship by the members of the society. There was a ...
Of the wealth that is distributed in the United States a low ten percent of the population owns wealth. The rest are struggling to make ends meet. ...
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