How Is Trigonometry Used in Civil Engineering?


Trigonometry can be used in civil engineering by defining the project plans. Calculating the dimensions is also important. Trigonometry can also be used in determining angles in construction.
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1. Determine what field of engineering trigonometry will be used. In addition, use sound reasoning to build your business case for using trigonometry. 2. Define your project plans
Trigonometry is used very extensively in engineering. It is used to break force vectors into components, allowing civil and construction engineers to see how stress is channeled throughout
Surveyors use geometry, algebra, and trigonometry, as well as a variety of technologies, to take exact measurements of the land and its features.
1 Understand what a civil engineer does. Basically, this is the side of engineering concerned with designing, building, and maintaining public works. [1] Civil engineers focus on
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