How Is Turkey Bacon Made?


Turkey bacon is made with a piece of fatty meat found by the turkey wing. This part of the turkey is removed before the turkey is purchased. This meat is then sliced and turned into turkey bacon.
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It is dry cured, and rubbed in a salt mixture, cured one week, then washed in warm water &
Turkey Bacon is made from the thigh of the turkey.
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Bacon is a cut of meat taken from the sides, belly and back of a pig. These are parts that do not lend themselves well to being cut into port chops. In North America, it is often
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Turkey bacon is made from smoked, chopped, and reformed turkey. The meat may be cured or uncured. It is formed into strips made to resemble pork bacon. When made from dark meat, turkey bacon can be up to 90 percent fat free. While it is lower in fat than most pork bacon, however, turkey bacon tends to be high in sodium and may not be suitable for some diets. In fact, some brands contain twice as much sodium as typical pork bacon.
Turkey bacon is simply strips of salted cured meats that come from a turkey. The traditional classic 'bacon' is pork bacon. The two meats taste similar but turkey bacon has a lower fat content. You can find more information at
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