How Is Water Polluted?


Water is polluted by chemicals, garbage and waste entering the water source. Many times the polluted water can be fixed if the contaminants are removed.
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Water pollution is caused by littering, oil spill and sewerage. Because of this, it effects our drinking water and kills wildlife; such as sea creatures.
Coliform bacteria are a commonly used bacterial indicator of water pollution, although
You can get involved with an orginazation such as The Water Project ( and donate money to help them get water pumps with fresh water.'s...
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Water pollution is caused by many different things that can affect plants, animals and even humans. While we may be making our lawn or crops grow nicely with fertilizer, the fertilizer is polluting our water. Water is polluted also by different forms of sewage, garbage and many other things. Water is the Earth's most precious resource and is home to many animals. Without this resource, life on Earth would be nonexistent.
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