How It Works Combi Boilers?


Combi boilers are designed to work by heating water up instantaneously for domestic use. Upon an indicator from the room thermostat for the boiler to fire up the central heating system, the pump inside the boiler fires up. After this, the water is heated up rapidly until the water temperature reaches 60 degrees C.
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Combi Boilers works by receiving a signal from the room thermostat. This forces the boiler to fire up the central heating system, which fires up the pump inside the boiler. The water then starts to flow, passing through a narrow opening in the pipe, developing a pressure differential, causing the valve to open and ignite the gas in the burner. The heat exchanger holds a restricted amount of water, which is quickly heated up as it circulates around the boiler in the heat exchanger. When the temperature reaches 60oC, the thermostat expands and the water streams into the central heating system.
A combi boiler is an efficient unit that provides all the heating and hot water needed with significant savings on installation and running costs.
A combination boiler or 'combi' boiler is an electric and gas boiler combined. They can be used separately or together but if they are used together they have to be used very carefully.
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A combi, or combination boiler, is different from other boilers because it does not need to store hot water. A process of condensation is used making it a very popular energy saving
1. Determine the type of fuel in your area and choose a boiler based on this information. 2. Choose an area to install a boiler where the exhaust gasses can be released by the flue.
The Excalibur is an Ariston Microgenus MFFi boiler with a different badge, you may have more luck on their website finding a manual.
The main benifit is the amount of money saved on the costs of hot water. Also, the boiler parts are easy to find thus making the running and service costs low.
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