How Large Is Puerto Rico?


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is 9104 kilometers square, or 3515 square miles. It is the 168th biggest country on Earth. Puerto Rico is a self governed unincorporated territory of the United States.
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The total area of Puerto Rico is 5,324 sq miles (13,790 sq km), which is slightly less than three times the size of Rhode Island.
Land Area: 3,424 sq miles (8,870 sq km)
Water Area: 1,900 sq miles (4,921 sq km)
Size of:
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Puerto Rico coast is 580km if the Island of Culebra is included then it measures out to be 700km. The north and south seas capes measures 8.525 mi.
Luis Munoz Marin (SJU) in Carolina.
Puerto Rico is located in the tropics. Tropical climates are characterized by abundant rainfall and pleasant year-round temperatures that rarely reach into the extremes. Puerto Rico's
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