How Large Should a Washer Be to Wash a King Size down Comforter?


If you want to wash King size blankets and comforters you would generally need a washer that has a 4.0 cubic feet capacity. Also make sure you pay attention to the depth of the washer as well because this can factor in load sizes as well. It's recommended to have a washer with a depth of 29 1/2 for King size blankets.
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It's almost certain that the label on your down comforter will say
I would take it to the laundamat to wash and dry it.
If you do, then no problem. First pretreat any stains that may be on the comforter. Then just fold the comforter into accordion pleats the long way and then again into an accordion
Accepted Answer HelloCustomer I would recommend that you get a washer and dryer with atleast 6.5-7.0 cu. ft. capacity. This will ensure that the comforter set washes correctly. A
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A king size comforter should be able to be washed in most machines, however they fit comfortably in a 4.0 cubic foot large capacity washer and any front load washer ...
Technically you need one of those large commercial washers and dryers to clean a king sized comforter, but I can squeeze mine into a standard sized washer and ...
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