How Late Can My Period Be before I Worry?


Only you know how regular your cycle is. Your period can be up to five weeks late before you start to worry. It is not abnormal to miss a period. If you are concerned, you can take a home pregnancy test as soon as you are a day or more late. If it comes up negative, try again in two weeks.
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About a month late is when you should start
You can take it tomorrow morning. Early response pregnancy test is accurate by 99% if you take it at the same day of missing period. Source(s) 8 years Medical Doctor.
If your period is late at all you should be worried. If you're having sex at 14, especially unprotected sex, you should be worried. The risk of pregnancy complications is much higher
I would go get a pregnancy test soon. Just go to the dr's and get one done, its effective and will ease your mind. Two weeks is a long time, so I would get checked out right away
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No. If a period is late, it does not necessarily mean pregnancy. Periods can be late due to illness, stress, body weight, menopause, or even medications a woman ...
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A clear, watery discharge before a period is quite normal for most women and is nothing that you should worry about. However, if the color or consistency of the ...
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