How Late Can Telemarketers Call?


The FCC or Federal Trade Commission, passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in 1991 that states telemarketers can only call you as late as 9 PM. They are also only allowed to begin calling at 8 AM. A person can register for the Do Not Call List to avoid receiving these calls.
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Contact your state Consumer Protection Board (CPB) for information about state Do Not Call Laws regarding telemarketing calls. Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry regulated
1. Tell any telemarketer calling your home or business that you want your name added to their list of numbers not to call. They are obligated to act in accordance with your request,
I think federal law states 9pm? Or that may be bill collectors. Check with the Do Not Call National Registry website, I remember they had rules and regulations on that website.
I just let my seven-year-old handle the calls. At a similar age, his older brother told a telemarketer to stick his thumb up his butt. Embed Quote
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