How Long after a Cut Can You Get Stitches?


When you get a cut that needs stitches you should get stitches within 12 to 18 hours. Getting to the doctor as soon as possible for stitches helps cut the risk of infection. Deep cuts or gaping wounds should be seen by a doctor immediately to be cleaned and stitched.
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One way to tell if you need stitched for a cut is if if a gaping open. if you can see muscle or fat. If it measure more than 1/2 cm it may need some stitches.
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1. Most importantly, try to stop the bleeding as well as you can. Use a clean cloth or. slightly. damp paper towel, and apply firm pressure to the open wound for about 5 minutes.
A cut that smells bad is infected or necrotic. In either case, this calls for a visit to the doctor. If the wound wasn't effectively disinfected prior to suturing, anerobic bacteria
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It depends on the severity and location of the cut. How long you take to heal can also depend somewhat on genetics. Most stitches can be removed 10-14 days after ...
Stitches are generally required for a cut when the cut spurts blood or does not stop bleeding after applying pressure to it for five minutes. Another indicator ...
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