How Long after Adding Muriatic Acid Can You Swim?


It depends on the flow rate of your pool as to how long after you add muriatic acid that you can swim. Usually, it is around 30 minutes. However, some people like to leave it overnight.
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Muriatic acid is used to restore pH balance in swimming pools. E. Trasolini Pool Construction Ltd. suggests waiting 15 minutes before swimming. According to E. Trasolini Pool Construction
About half hour if you are already circulating the water. k.
This depends on the pH of the pool at the time and the size of the pool as well. In the past normal practice was to have a test kit on hand to test the ph of the water, which should
Hi Michael I would first of all be suspect of the test. If you are using a liquid test kit the agent to test PH may be expired and giving you a false reading. These test agents are
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Muriatic Acid & Safety in Swimming Pools
Muriatic acid, or hydrochloric acid, is used in swimming pools to lower the pH and total alkalinity of the pool water. Although muriatic acid is a hazardous material, when used correctly, it can be safe to use in swimming pools.... More »
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