How Long after Losing Mucous Plug Is It before You Go into Labor?


Normally, when a woman loses her mucous plug it is a good sign that labor will soon be on its way. It does not mean that she will go into labor right away. It can actually be weeks down the road before she does. There are many woman that will lose their plug gradually over a few weeks.
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Loss of the mucus plug is often the first sign that
Labor can happen anytime after losing your plug. Even though you have lost your mucous plug it could still be a few weeks until labor starts.
The mucous plug is constantly replenishing itself so it's all new goop. Her cervix is dilating and closing down with Braxton-Hick's whether she can feel them or not because her body's
Not Medical Advice: After losing the mucus plug a woman can go into labor within 24 hours or a few weeks. Either way, it's not far off.
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Just like woman the length of time it takes for a cat to go into labor after losing it's mucous plug varies between cats. Some go into labor with 2 hours and ...
Often times, after a woman loses her mucus plug, she will go into labor within two weeks. Sometimes she may have to be induced, but this varies from woman to woman ...
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