How Long after the Baby Drops Does Labor Start?


Once the baby drops into the birth canal, labor can begin within hours or it may take days. This is nature's way of saying the body is getting ready to deliver the baby. Once the baby drops, it is usually pretty visible in the way the pregnant mother gets around.
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Your baby is getting in position and with the pelvic pressure you are feeling your baby sounds like he or she is not going to waste any time. Each pregnancies is different as you
When the baby drops, you still have plenty of time
The baby can drop in labor. It is always not easy to distinguish when the baby drops. I have had 3 children and never knew when they dropped I only knew when labor kicked in.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but bump dropping does not necessarily mean labour is imminent - of course, it can mean that but it's not something to set all your hopes on. My
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