How Long Are Chihuahuas in Heat?


Chihuahuas go into heat about twice a year. When they are in heat, this can last any where from several days to about a month. This is the only time the Chihuahuas will allow breeding.
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Chihuahuas can stay in heat up to around 21 days. They can have the heat cycle every six to nine months. Some Chihuahuas will start this cycle as early as six months old.
For 21 days, but they don`t bleed until the second week for 4 to 6 days after that they are ready to breed.
Claus, here! The average heat cycle is three weeks or 21-days. In some
Proestrus, the first stage of the Chihuahua heat cycle, is extremely noticeable to pet owners. For one, female Chihuahuas will start to bleed. The dog's nipples and the vagina also
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