How long are guinea pigs pregnant?


Guinea pig pregnancies last from 59 to 72 days, and the main determining factor is the litter's size. Smaller litters have a longer pregnancy term than larger litters.

Female guinea pigs, or sows, have varying pregnancy terms based on the number of pups in the litter. A litter of one guinea pig has an average term of 70 days, while the term of a litter of six pups runs an average of 67 days in length. It is important to consult a veterinarian to determine litter size. Guinea pigs are known for encountering difficulty while giving birth, and it may be necessary to assist with the birthing process. After birth, pups must remain with their mother for approximately four weeks while they are weaning.

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Guinea pigs are pregnant for sixty to seventy days. They will give birth to as many as seven babies at one time. The female guinea pig can get pregnant as early as twelve weeks old.
Guinea Pigs Are Pregnant For UpTo 6 Weeks
1. Take your guinea pig to the vet as soon as you learn or suspect that she is pregnant. It is not a good idea for a guinea pig under 5 months old to get pregnant because she runs
The fun loving animal, the guinea pig, is only pregnant for about 52 days,
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