How long are guppies pregnant?


A female guppy's pregnancy usually lasts four to six weeks. A female guppy that is getting ready to give birth usually appears fat and has a dark spot on her abdomen that grows larger as her pregnancy progresses.

Guppies are among the easiest fish to mate, and a guppy can produce several broods from a single mating. Observation is the best way of determining when a female guppy may be ready to give birth. When she appears close to delivery, she can be isolated in a breeding trap to protect her fry from hungry adult fish. The mother fish should also be removed after she has given birth.

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A female guppy stay pregnant for almost a month, about 26 days. It will take her a couple of hours to deliver all of her babies and believe me there will be a lot. She is then ready
the average is 28 days it can be shorter or longer or about a month. when they look there about to explode thats when they give birth
The guppy is a live bearer, with an average gestation period of 28 days. The female
A female guppy can hold enough sperm to have about 3 batches of fry. Each batch takes about 4 weeks, but that varies with temperature. DO NOT move a fat-with-fry female, or use a
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A guppy is a live bearer, and has a gestation period of 28 days. She will give birth to between 2-200 young at the same time, and is usually ready to go with ...
Male guppies have what is called an anal fin, gonopodium. At sexual maturity, the male guppy simply bumps into the female and injects his sperm into her impregnating ...
When a guppy is pregnant, the tummy gets swollen. The fish has a square shape from the back view and a black patch appears near the tail, just in front of the ...
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