How Long Are Hamsters Pregnant?


Hamster are pregnant or have a gestation period of 15-21 days. Females usually give birth to 4-7 hamsters at a time. The largest litter ever recorded had 26 hamsters. You can find more information here:
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A female hamster is pregnant for 16 days.While she is pregnant don't pick her up more than you have to,the same goes for while she is nursing. The reason is that i am telling you
According to, teddy bear hamsters begin to show outward signs of pregnancy when they are about 10 days into gestation. Before they give birth, female teddy bear hamsters
The female hamster comes into heat every four days. The gestation period for a
1 Be aware of the possible signs of hamster pregnancy. Besides having kept the hamster in with a male hamster, the following signs may be present: The hamster may become irritable
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