How Long Are Hamsters Pregnant?


Hamster are pregnant or have a gestation period of 15-21 days. Females usually give birth to 4-7 hamsters at a time. The largest litter ever recorded had 26 hamsters. You can find more information here:
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Answer A female hamster is pregnant for 16 days.While she is pregnant don't pick her up more than you have to,the same goes for while she is nursing. The reason is that i am telling
According to, teddy bear hamsters begin to show outward signs of pregnancy when they are about 10 days into gestation. Before they give birth, female teddy bear hamsters
A horse is pregnant for approximately 11 months. That is almost a year! Can you imagine being pregnant for a whole year!
Gestation period for a hamster is 16-18 days. Although 4-8 babies is the norm,
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