How Long Are Hamsters Pregnant?


Hamster are pregnant or have a gestation period of 15-21 days. Females usually give birth to 4-7 hamsters at a time. The largest litter ever recorded had 26 hamsters. You can find more information here:
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Depending on the type of hamster, they are generally pregnant anywhere from sixteen to thirty days. Be careful not to handle the hamster to much during pregnancy as they can become
Answer A female hamster is pregnant for 16 days.While she is pregnant don't pick her up more than you have to,the same goes for while she is nursing.
According to, teddy bear hamsters begin to show outward signs of pregnancy when they are about 10 days into gestation. Before they give birth, female teddy bear hamsters
Gestation period for a hamster is 16-18 days. Although 4-8 babies is the norm,
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A pregnant dwarf hamster only waits for 16 days (two weeks and two days) to give birth. Some of them, however, do not give birth until their 17th or 18th day from ...
A hamster is pregnant for about for sixteen to eighteen days. She will give birth to a litter of about seven babies. She will wean her babies by about 21 days ...
A pregnant hamster will begin to build a nest out of the bedding you provided in the cage. It will start showing weight gain that is concentrated around the abdominal ...
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